Research Center


Outline of the Research Center

Research Center for Social Management Systems has been established to develop a new scientific field “Social Management System” to contribute to society by taking advantage of construction management and administration management know-how which has been accumulated uniquely at Kochi University of Technology. Social Management System Center at the Research Institute of KUT was established to promote a new field of Social Management Systems proposed by Kochi University of Technology which has been selected as one of the 21st century COE programs of new scientific fields by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan in 2004, and it has been reorganized into Research Center for Social Management in 2006. A new scientific field “Social Management Systems” aims for the improvement of societal structure for efficient management and supports the construction and operation of social management systems from the engineering point of view. We address a central issue of social Systems’ process and rules which incorporate efficient management systems particularly in infrastructure management field and providing services. In addition, in March 2006, “The Society for Social Management Systems” has been established for a promotion and support of research, education, social contribution, and their rapid spread by conducting internet paper compilation system and holding periodical international symposium.


 「社会マネジメント・システム学」は、社会の構造改革・効率経営の実現を目指し、工学的視点を生かした社会の経営システムの構築・運営を支援する新たな学問体系として創出されたものであり、インフラ等の効率経営システムを組み込んだ社会システムのプロセスおよびルール造りが中心的課題です。 平成16年度には「社会マネジメントシステム学会」を設立し、インターネットを中心とした参加自由形の論文集の発刊や、国際・国内ワークショップを定期的に開催することで急速な研究教育の普及を図るなど、研究、教育、社会貢献の機能を担っています。


Kochi University of Technology (KUT) aims to become a center for “Social Management Systems Science”, a discipline which contributes to society by actively coping with social problems. We make effective use of the talented human resources, know-how and skills in construction management and administration management which have been uniquely accumulated at Kochi University of Technology. “Social Management Systems Science” is a new learning system which supports the creation, implementation and operation of management systems for society with the objective of realizing social structural reform and efficient management based on an engineering approach. Our main theme is to formulate new processes and rules for social systems (systems which run society) that incorporate efficient infrastructure management systems. We are planning to establish the “Society for Social Management Systems” by the end of FY2004, publish an online journal of freely submitted papers, and hold periodical international and domestic workshops and symposiums. Thus, we aim to widen the base of “Social Management Systems Science”


 「社会マネジメント・システム学」は、社会の構造改革・効率経営の実現を目指し、工学的視点を生かした社会の経営システムの構築・運営を支援する新たな学問体系です。 社会システム(社会を動かすシステム)の構造改革、効率経営の為、インフラ等の効率経営システムを組み込んだ社会システムのプロセスおよびルール造りが中心的課題です。 平成16年度に「社会マネジメント・システム学会」を設立し、インターネット中心の参加自由型の論文集の発刊、国際・国内ワークショップを定期的に開催し、急速な研究教育の普及を図っております。

Message from the Director

“To create a new field that contributes to society” Seigo NASU, Professor, Kochi University of Technology Seigo NASU, Professor, Kochi University of Technology Kochi University of Technology aims to establish a new field, “Social Management Systems Science,” which aggressively copes with social problems. By providing society with management systems for social capital which are essential to the efficient and effective operation of social systems in such a low-growth time as well as through the training of construction engineers in this field, we hope to support the reform of social structure and management systems. “Social Management Systems Science” is a new learning system which examines how effective social systems are created and supports the structuring and operating of management systems for society by adopting an engineering viewpoint. We will analyze the conformity of the academic study with social demand and social environment from an engineering perspective and propose new processes and rules for social management systems. In addition, our objective is to improve social systems in connection with management, such as administration management, social capital management, and municipal management, thereby contributing to society in a proactive and effective manner.

「社会に貢献する新たな分野の創造を目指して」 高知工科大学 教授 那須清吾