About SSMS

Greeting from Chairperson

SSMS Chairperson: Yoshitsugu HAYASHI

“The Limits to Growth” (1972) is a report by The Club of Rome that predicted The Problematique, which are depletion of food and resources, and critical pollution in response to rapidly growing population and economy so that the humanity might fall into a critical devastation. Yet today, critical issues of food, resources and pollution remain unsolved. Moreover, population of eight billion is still growing. And Asian countries are still on the way of development seeking for economic growth which may sacrifice human life.

A new Club of Report “Come On!” (2017) highlighted, there appeared new Problematique such as excessive capitalism, global warming, disasters and pandemics, urban sprawl and excess mobility, and the wasted resources and food, disposal of artificial materials in the nature. In the whole world today, over 1.5 million people are killed by traffic accidents, over 6.5 million people are killed by air pollution and furthermore victims are caused by climate related disasters, and even by wars.

In the 20th century science and technology have been developed by vertically analytical approaches that have contributed to economic growth. But they involve risks to fall into reductionism that cannot help solving these negative effects.

SSMS (Society for Social Management Systems) was established, by those Asian academicians and practitioners shared the sense of emergency, to create horizontally integrated approaches with systemic thinking borrowing and merging with knowledge and wisdom of social sciences, culture, art, history, and practical experiences.

SSMS had to stop activities due to COVID-19 . But now it is the time for SSMS to act.