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In most countries, existing social systems do not function properly in response to the demands of the present era, such as the recent changes in social and economic structures, and the recent changes in societal values. Therefore, the structural reform of these social systems has become an urgent issue in many fields.Social system direct society and thus envelope many fields such as management for administration, regional socio-economical management, disaster management, infrastructure management and education management. In order to adapt current social systems to meet these new demands it is necessary to effectively and efficiently utilize hard and soft infrastructure, as well as human and financial resources. For this purpose, the collaboration of social scientists (sociology, psychology, economics, public administration etc.) and engineering scientists (civil engineering, architect, mechanics, information technology etc.) is essential. The mission of the Society for Social Management Systems is to make a practical contribution to the improvement of social systems.


  社会システムは社会を動かすシステムであり、人々の生活に直接関係する地域経済経営や自治体の行政経営、防災システム経営、教育システム経営など様々であります。 社会システムを、今後時代のニーズに合わせた形に改善していくためにも、人材・資産・資金などの経営資源やハード・ソフトのインフラの効率的、効果的な活用が求められており、そのために、社会科学、工学の研究者、技術者が協働していくことが不可欠と考えております。


Society Regulations

Society for Social Management Regulations

Journal of Society for Social Management Systems

Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems (ISSN 2432-552X)

Periodical International Symposium

The society started to hold a periodical  symposium in 2007. The aim of the symposium is to provide a place to present the most excellent research papers, as well as a place for the exchange of ideas and information among researchers. The society heartily requests the participation of your colleagues and you.

 社会マネジメントシステム学会では、2007年3月より学会論文集で優秀とされた論文の発表の場、また国際的な情報交換の場として定期的にシンポジウムを開催する予定としております。 詳細は追って皆様に学会ホームページ上でお知らせいたしますが、多くの方々のご参加を心よりお願いいたします。

How to join and How to Withdraw

Main authors who submit paper to the society will automatically obtain three years membership. And any menbers who wish to withdraw from the Society have to submit a notice of withdrawal.(PDF) Please refer to the society regulations above.

Messages from Honorary Chairperson

Hajime Okamura

Honorary Chairperson: Hajime Okamura

The main educational principal of Kochi University of Technology is to promote scientific and technological evolution as well as to develop integrated social systems of various technological fields for the society. As a center of the education and research, we teach essential technologies and fertile humanity for the future of the society. These activities led us as COE (Center of Excellence) to contribute for a new scientific field “Social Management Systems” which was approved as an essential field for the 21st century by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. The Society for Social Management Systems has founded to promote the research, investigation, and information exchange regarding the component technology to conduct social system management, uphold intellectual interchange with researchers, research institutes, etc. of the field pertaining broadly to social system management regardless of specific field, and contribute for the better social systems. This Society will help social scientists and engineers contributing to the improvement of social systems. We welcome all researchers’ participation who are interested in “Social Management Systems”.

理事長: 岡村 甫