SSMS Symposium

2017 Symposium Information

International Symposium of the 11th SSMS and the 5th RCND 2017

20th- 21st September, 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand


Managing Smart and Resilient Society

New world issues raised up in the UN General meeting in New York 2015 and COP21 convention in Paris, and push the world to look for more sustainable development goals, seek for disaster risk reduction measures, creating more robust and resilient social system to counter with ongoing climate change issues and coming aging society. The research on how to integrate planning and administrative process (both vertical and horizontal) with the aids of smart technology will be needed so that we can develop and manage the society system with the participation of stakeholders in the timely manner by using both indigenous and modern knowledge and know-how.

The operation of government administrations often possesses certain inertia and conflicts. In addition, theory development must undergo the process of organizational changes, alternations and amendments to laws, and practical applications. This is why we must work hard towards the direction of strengthening the participations from industry, government, and academia while seeking out through practical applications, verification and lessons learned for continuous improvement process.

In this situation, appropriate and innovative solutions have to be found to survive in the current and future economic and environment crises. Sound management of social systems has to be undertaken along with appropriate structural or technical solutions, smart technology and balancing uses of natural resources. With this background in mind, we call concerned planners, engineers, social scientists and practitioners to share ideas, knowledge, and experience for creating wider benefits for our societies in this joint conference. The ultimate goal of this conference is to create better understanding and synergy between proponents of regional and city planning and management of smart and resilient social systems to improve living standards.

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