Research Center

Social Management Systems Science

Outline and Significance of Establishing a Center for “Social Management Systems Science”

Our goal is to develop “Social Management Systems Science” as a field, which is essential to reforming and efficiently operating the social structure and which construction engineers should be responsible for. Taking advantage of construction management and administration management know-how which has been accumulated uniquely at Kochi University of Technology, we intend to systematize “Social Management Systems Science” based on engineering that connects social problems to the basic research fields. Also, we will provide society with social capital management systems which are necessary for efficient operation in such a low-growth time, as well as actual construction engineers who have expertise in this field. Thus, we will support the realization of the structural reform and efficient management that our society demands. manegement_01-e manegement_02-e

What is “Social Management Systems Science”?

The purpose of “Social Management Systems Science” A social system (a system which runs society) is based on processes and rules that are essential in order to achieve the goals that our society is trying to achieve. The form that these processes and rules take is the key to its success. “Social Management Systems Science” aims to make the social system function properly and attain its goal. Social capital occupies a large position in a social system, and our main theme is how to establish the processes and rules in order to operate infrastructures efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to make a social management system function without waste in society. Therefore, we need to analyze its conformity with social demands and the social environment from an engineering viewpoint while proposing as needed evaluation methods and standards which optimize design, construction and management of social capital into the processes and rules of the social system, as well as suggesting processes and rules themselves as engineering approaches. manegement_03-e How will “Social Management Systems Science” be developed and contribute to society? The discipline will analyze whether the management and the policy deployed by the present social system suit our society’s goals and social environment, and assess in particular how to deal with social capital from an engineering viewpoint. We will unite this discipline with other fields such as social sciences which have constructed social systems, and propose new social management systems. Thus we shall develop “Social Management Systems Science” which aims to contribute to society.

The Fields which Constitute “Social Management Systems Science”

“Social Management Systems Science” will be established as a learning system on the basis of the contribution to society systematized through the social system based on system management technology, infrastructure management technology, and basic material and structure technology. manegement_04-e