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About Research Center

Research Center for Social Management Systems has been established to develop a new scientific field “Social Management System” to contribute to society by taking advantage of construction management and administration management know-how which has been accumulated uniquely at Kochi University of Technology. Social Management System Center at the Research Institute of KUT was established to promote a new field of Social Management Systems proposed by Kochi University of Technology which has been selected as one of the 21st century COE programs of new scientific fields by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan in 2004, and it has been reorganized into Research Center for Social Management in 2006. A new scientific field “Social Management Systems” aims for the improvement of societal structure for efficient management and supports the construction and operation of social management systems from the engineering point of view. We address a central issue of social Systems’ process and rules which incorporate efficient management systems particularly in infrastructure management field and providing services. In addition, in March 2006, “The Society for Social Management Systems” has been established for a promotion and support of research, education, social contribution, and their rapid spread by conducting internet paper compilation system and holding annual international symposium.