Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems (ISSN 2432-552X)

About the Journal

Aims and Scope

Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems (SSMS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access, and online-published international journal.

In 2004, Society for Social Management Systems (SSMS) was founded at the 21st Century Center of Excellence for “Social Management Systems” which was authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. This Society (SSMS) is to promote the research, investigation, and information exchange regarding not only each academic field but integrated academic fields to conduct social system management, to uphold intellectual interchange with researchers, research institutes, etc. of the field pertaining broadly to social system management regardless of specific field, and to contribute to the activities of propagating efficient social systems. Internet Journal is part of these activities.

Therefore, we coverage all topics not only in engineering related areas, but those of management as well as the integrated scientific fields such as,

  • Disaster and Management

Keyword: mitigation, warning, preparedness, prevention, recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation, planning and management, risk financing, business continuity planning

  • Environment and Management

Keyword: climate change, mitigation and adaptation, environmental management, deforestation, greenhouse effect and CO2 emission, carbon free society, water resource management

  • Infrastructure and Management

Keyword; planning and management, materials and structural issues, construction management, dispute resolution, asset management, inspection and deterioration analysis, inspection technology and system

  • Planning and management

Keyword: transportation management, social system management, city planning, urban management, resilient city, input-output table and planning, regional planning, international cooperation

  • Entrepreneur and regional Revitalization

Keyword: Entrepreneurship, new business creation, tourism, inclusive development, resiliency and poverty, regional management, aging society, healthcare, regional resources and innovation

  • Resiliency and Technology

Keyword: information technology and management system, ICT for resiliency, GIS and remote sensing, smart city, numerical simulation of society

  • Public Management and Financing

Keyword: new public management, efficient investment and appreciation, policy and budgeting, NPO and NGP, capacity enhancement, organizational performance

Papers submitted by authors will be evaluated (reviewed) by the Academic Review Committee, which consists of many experts worldwide. Research papers from the internet journal publication deemed to be the most excellent will receive commendation and the authors will be invited to an international symposium at which they may present their findings. The society sincerely welcomes all submissions from your colleagues and you. More details are available on this homepage.

Provisions for Academic Paper Compilation

I. Requirements for paper submission

Authors can download the journal formats (Word form or Tex form) and can submit two types of papers through the Society website.

1) 10 to 12 pages paper which shows academic achievements
2) 30 to 60 pages paper covering one broad theme which shows new academic achievements

II. Treatments of submitted papers

Submitted papers will be reviewed in accordance with the following procedures.

  1. All the submitted papers will be reviewed by Scientific committee members and by reviewers who are recommended by Scientific committee members. If necessary, authors will be requested to rewrite and/or resubmit the papers.
  2. All papers accepted at International symposium are automatically recognized as submitted to the Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems (SSMS).
  3. Authors have responsibility to manage the copyrights of graphs, charts, descriptions and others which have been revealed on the papers.
  4. Authors have responsibility to manage the co-author's information on the papers.
  5. The copyrights of papers belong to the authors, however the Society for Social Management Systems also have the right to use them. 

. Review of the submitted papers and other procedures necessary for refereeing will be conducted according to the Regulations on the Internet Journal.

Regulations on the Internet Journal

Ⅰ. Authors are required papers with originality in accordance to the objective of the Society for Social Management Systems.

Ⅱ. Excellent papers selected by the Reviewing Committee will be given the award and invited to the International Symposium.

Ⅲ. Provisions for Reviewing Academic Paper Compilation (detailed regulations)

Papers will be reviewed in accordance with the following procedures.

  1. Papers submitted to SSMS symposium as well as through the internet at any time will be the subjects to peer review.
  2. Authors have to submit papers with the specified format.
  3. All the submitted papers will be reviewed by Scientific committee members and by reviewers who are recommended by Scientific committee members through the reviewing system.
  4. Acceptance or rejection of the paper will be judged by two reviewers. If the judges are split, selected third reviewer will be appointed and will make a final decision.
  5. Reviewers are not revealed (Single-blind).
  6. Authors will be notified acceptance or rejection of their papers by E-mail. If the paper is accepted, comments may be added by the review committees as necessary and the society will receive the final paper in which necessary revisions and/or corrections are made accordingly, and will appear on the Internet Journal.
  7.  Regulation of reviewing consists of the following point of views.
  1. The paper presents with a logical structure.
  2. The results and conclusion are understandable.
  3. The paper has significance of the subject
  4. The paper presents new information or new treatment of existing knowledge.
  5. The paper is written in understandable English.
  6. The paper format meets the manuscript guideline.

Ⅳ. Internet Journal is published in December in the year International Symposium is held and in July in the following year.