Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems (ISSN 2432-552X)

Vol.9 Issue 1

The 9th International Symposium on Social Management Systems SSMS2013, 2-4 December 2013, Sydney, Australia

Nomination Serial Author Title
awarded SMS13-5288 Mizutani Daijiro Extraction of Intensively Monitored Expansion Joints By Multi-Stage Mixed Markov Hazard Model
Serial Name/Affiliation Title
SMS13-0077 Hayashi Rentaro Estimation of Spatial Distribution of Road Illuminance in Tunnel
SMS13-0531 Igata Motohiko Applicability of Engineering and Business Administration Approaches (CDM, BSC and QFD) Towards the Activation of Local Business
SMS13-1056 Piyapong Janmaimool Environmental Health Risk Management Based on Stakeholder’ Qualitative Risk Assessment: A Case of Maptaphut Municipality, Rayong Province, Thailand
SMS13-1140 Kasugai Yasuo a Concept For Preparedness against Level 2 Disaster Risk
SMS13-1175 Anuwat Attachaiyawuth Factors For Mitigation of Interaction Between Coarse Aggregate and Mortar in Self-Compacting Concrete
SMS13-1341 Sugino Kyohei Detecting Urbanization Using Remotely Sensed Data For Evaluating Urban Planning
SMS13-1366 Goso Takashi Research on a Concrete Plan and Problems to Realize the Rapid Disposal of Debris Generated in Case of Huge Earthquake and Tsunami
SMS13-1554 Haseeb Ullah Exploration of CO2 Emissions from Land-Based Transport Throughout Kabul City
SMS13-2192 Nakashima Mari An Investigation of Road Bridge Maintenance System in Japan in Developed Society
SMS13-2222 Takahashi Koji Research on the International Competitiveness, Disaster Recovery Function and Debt Reduction of the Port Authority in Japan
SMS13-2268 Harada Takao Study on an Effective Bridge Management Method for Local Government
SMS13-2285 Sayamon Saiyot Assessment Resilience Characters to Enhance Community Resilience to Flooding in Thailand
SMS13-2727 Inui Yusuke A Server-Client System For Optimized Planning of Outdoor 3D Laser Scanning
SMS13-2769 Sakamoto Hitomi The Employment Problem of SME and Introduction of the Carrier Consulting
SMS13-3086 Dennis Gain The Contribution of Forest Regulations on the Realization of Sustainable Forest Management: a Comparative Law Study of Japan and Germany
SMS13-3108 Nakajima Yoshimitsu Quality Control and Quality Assurance Management in Upper-Kotmale Hydropower Project
SMS13-3349 Sombat Chuenchooklin Community’s Water Resource Management in Upstream Catchments of Large River Basin : a Case Study in Pua Watershed, Thailand
SMS13-3669 Takahashi Koji Research on Strengthening Cooperation Between the Ports During Large-Scale Disasters
SMS13-3681 Nattakorn Bongochgetsakul Real-Time Water Resource Policies Supporting System For Decision-Making Based on GPU application
SMS13-3731 Dennis Gain Forest Management in Japan: Application Issues of Sustainable Forestry and the Potential of Improvement Through accredited Forest Certification
SMS13-3910 Patricia Ann Jaranilla-Sanchez Optimization of Dam Operation For Maximizing Water Use and Flood Prevention: a Case of Angat Dam,Philippines
SMS13-4303 Tajima Ryo Theory and Practice of Pre-Disaster Planning For Disaster Waste Management
SMS13-4426 Tingyu An A Tentative Exploration of Incentives to Introduce Long Term Relationship Between Construction General Contractor and Subcontractor from a Game-Chain Perspective
SMS13-4897 Takahashi Koji Research on the Legal Problems of the Port Management System in Japan
SMS13-4982 Waradet Sangbun Groundwater Recharge in the Irrigated Upstream Area of the Regulating Gate in the Lower Nam Kam River, Thailand
SMS13-5102 Kobayashi Akira Deformation Analysis of Pipeline With Laser Displacement Meter and 3D Camera
SMS13-5572 Ichikawa Tsutomu Nitrate Nitrogen Pollution By Recharge in Agricultural Area in Kumamoto Area, Japan
SMS13-5579 Saito Norio Climate-Proofing Urban infrastructure in Developing Countries: Advantages, Challenges, and Considerations Under Uncertainty
SMS13-6034 Takahashi Koji Port Placement with Consideration For Geographical Characteristics of the World
SMS13-6142 Panya Mankeb Adoption of Good Agricultural Practices By Durian Farmers in Koh Samui District, Surat Thani Province, Thailand
SMS13-6574 Danai Jampanil Application of Input-Output Table for Estimating Impact of Water Demand Under Climate Change in Thailand: Rayong Province Case Study
SMS13-6716 Takahashi Yuta Evaluation of Natural Environment Using GIS For Important Plants (to Survive in Disasters)
SMS13-6763 Okamura Kenji Suggestions and Verification for Management of ITS for Driving Behaviour Decision Process Models
SMS13-6767 Panon Latcharote Practical Applications of Earthquake and Tsunami Simulation Output For Disaster Management
SMS13-6820 Yao Luan Numerical Simulation on the Bioremediation of Oil Contaminated Soil Using a Microbiological Reaction Model
SMS13-7103 Pongsak Suttinon Hybrid Water Input-Output Model for Regional Management
SMS13-7220 Tippawan Limunggura Pomelo Production and Market Pattern of the Pomelo Quality Development Group, Samut Songkram Province, Thailand
SMS13-7261 Masato Kawanishi Adaptive Response of Rice Markets to Climate Impacts in Indonesia
SMS13-7921 Miyazaki Bunpei An Empirical Study of the Road Surface Management Criteria for Porous Asphalt Pavement of Expressway
SMS13-8726 Hashida Tomokazu Investigation on Indoor Environment at Offices Located in Hot Humid Region in Japan Under the Condition of Power Saving
SMS13-8898 Ogiyama Yotaro Fatigue Damage Mechanism and Its Application Based on Full Scale Analysis of Steel-Concrete Composite Slab Subjected to Repetition of Traffic
SMS13-9480 Francis Ndamani Rainfall Variability and Crop Production in Northern Ghana: the Case of Lawra District
SMS13-9699 Sahid Mochtar Comparative Study on Green Criteria Development towards Sustainable Infrastructure in Indonesia
SMS13-9783 Po-Han Chen Bim-Based Integration of Carbon Dioxide Emission and Cost Effectiveness For Buildings in Taiwan
SMS13-9988 Lingling Wang Stakeholders’ Risk Perspection of Sustainable Biomass Plant Development–a Case Study in Wangkui County, China

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