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Vol.8 Issue 1

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The 8th International Symposium on Social Management Systems SSMS2012 – Disaster Prevention and Reconstruction Management -, 2-4 May 2012, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Serial Name/Affiliation Title
SMS12-0116 Fu-Pei Hsiao Seismic Upgrading for Public School Buildings in Taiwan
SMS12-0291 Wen-Kuei Huang A study of the Foehn Phenomenon Induced by Typhoon in Taiwan
SMS12-0376 Mohamed El-Desouky Durability Improvement of Concrete Structures by Wash-away of Chloride
SMS12-0432 Cheng-I Wang Effectiveness of Reconstruction and Migration of Residents Following Typhoon Morakot – Examining Kaohsiung City’s Shanlin Da Ai Community,Xiaolin Village,and Maya Village
SMS12-0448 Chung-Wei Feng Application of Finite Element Method and Genetic Algorithms in Bridge Scour Detection
SMS12-0768 Yogarajah Elakneswaran Development of a physical and geochemical model for long-term performance of cementitious materials
SMS12-0862 Chun-Nen Huang The Study of Mechanism of Mobilization for Mega Disaster – Taiwan Area
SMS12-0948 Mamiko Saito A network analysis of the food systems in regional economy: primary factors influencing consumer utility
SMS12-1088 Chia-Rong Chen On the precipitation monitoring and prediction of typhoon in Central Weather Bureau,Taiwan
SMS12-1163 Hung-Ming Wu Provincial Highway No.17 Shuangyuan Bridge Reconstruction Project
SMS12-1191 Sakai Yuya Mechanism Clarification and Knowledge Formation of Unique Behavior of Chemically Prestressed Concrete for Efficient Use of Expansive Concrete
SMS12-1209 Kei Ito A Methodology to Identify Low-carbon Passenger Transport Modes for Each Region in Asian Developing Countries
SMS12-1298 Yeong-Jong Liaw Reconstruction of Provincial Highway No. 13 Hou-Feng Bridge Damaged by Typhoon Sinlaku
SMS12-1317 Wen-Chi Lai The Management of Mitigation and Reconstruction for the Hazardous Catchment Areas Caused by the 2009 Typhoon Morakot
SMS12-1397 Kazutoshi Sumida Study on The Development of Regional Products – a Case Study of Kochi Prefecture −
SMS12-1831 Tung Hung Tsai Plan Design and Construction Management Study of KAO-133 Highway after Tyhoon Morakot Disaster
SMS12-1852 Pang-jo Chun Prediction of Bridge Deterioration Using GIS-based Markov Transition Matrix
SMS12-1903 Yi-Rui Lee Assessment and Management on Earthquake Disasters in Metropolitan Taipei
SMS12-2155 Akira Kobayashi Asset management of water supply system considering earthquake risk management
SMS12-2231 Atsuyoshi Suekane On Factors in Domain Change for Business Succession – A Consideration from a Study on a Construction Company in Kochi
SMS12-2905 Eiichi Watanabe A study on effectiveness of project management of software development in IT vendors for financial institutions of Japan
SMS12-3031 Cheng-Chung Chen Analysis and Development of Emergency Management Information System for Railway Systems in Taiwan
SMS12-3255 Sachiko Ohno A Study on Governance for Cooperative Road Facilities Management
SMS12-3496 Frank H. Chou The Prevalence and Mental Rehabilitation Outcome of Psychiatric Diseases and Quality of Life in Taiwan Survivors after Morakot Typhoon
SMS12-3781 Takafumi Yamanaka Potential of 3D-CAD use for passing on of traditional carpentry techniques of Kintai Bridge
SMS12-3835 Hosoda Akira Improvement of Covercrete Quality by Crack Control System in Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan
SMS12-4137 Watanabe Yasuaki Application of Conjectural Variation to Japanese Steel Industries
SMS12-4152 Shyh-Yuan Maa Study on the Disaster Relief and Emergency Evacuation Countermeasures of Disadvantaged Minority in Major Disasters in Taiwan
SMS12-4216 Yukari Yagi A Survey of Social Support Networks in a Depopulating Japanese Village
SMS12-4457 Hsiao-Yu Huang The Reconstruction of the Processes of Compound Disasters in Siaolin Village Caused by the 2009 Typhoon Morakot
SMS12-4498 Sucharit Koontanakulvong Thailand Floods 2011-Causes and Future Management System-
SMS12-4633 Pei-Yang Lin Development of the On-site Earthquake Early Warning System in Taiwan
SMS12-4671 Hsiang-Chieh Lee Develop A Method to Identify Welfare Institutions with Flood or Landslide Risks in Taiwan
SMS12-4781 Kyuichi Maruyama Damage of bridge structures by huge tsunami and evaluation of tsunami force on bridges
SMS12-4918 Chin-Fa Chen Development and Deployment of Early Warning System for Highway Safety under Extreme Natural
SMS12-5175 Masahiro Ouchi Reduction in Interaction between Coarse Aggregate and Mortar in Self-Compacting Concrete at Fresh Stage by Superplasticizer with Viscosity Agent
SMS12-5302 Lawrence Lin The Role of ROC Armed Forces in Disaster Prevention and Relief and Defense Mobilization
SMS12-5382 Nattakorn Bongochgetsakul Repair scenarios generation at arbitrary time in bridge maintenance
SMS12-5650 Tzu-Chau Chang Building Networks of Disaster Preparedness Schools in Taiwan
SMS12-5687 Asif Mumtaz Bhatti Water Resources Management: Pathways for Sustainalbe Economic Growth and Poverty Eradication
SMS12-5765 Chikako Fujiyama Fatigue life Assessment of existing bridge decks based on visual inspection data and numerical simulation
SMS12-5834 Li-Fang Yu The Approach-Avoidance Behaviors of the Residents in Disaster-Isolated Areas —From the Perspectives of Disaster Risk and Social Vulnerability
SMS12-5958 Ming Hung Chen Mobilization and Organization of Proficients to Collect Critical Data Immediately after a Natural Disaster
SMS12-6080 Piriya Uraiwong Small-Scaled Water Resources Project in Thailand: Failure Analysis and Improvement of Stakeholder Involvement
SMS12-6398 Chia- Chun Yao Land Survey and Assessment for Relocation
SMS12-6422 Pei-Chun Shao Cooperative States and Issues between Public and Private Sectors for Post-disaster Relocating Reconstruction: In a Case of Morakot Typhoon
SMS12-6641 Yih-Shiun Hsieh The ROC Armed Forces and Civil Society in Natural Disaster Relief Operations—A Deepening Cooperation and the Establishment of Sound Disaster Relief System
SMS12-6925 Wei-Sen Li Solution-Based Science & Technology Program for Assisting Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Resonse in Governmental Sectors in Taiwan
SMS12-7130 Shinpei Akiyama Applications of LiDAR measurement for road management
SMS12-7266 James Yu-Chen Yaung Spaceborne Microwave Remote Sensing Missions Planning in Taiwan for Disasters Management
SMS12-7334 Gee-Yu Liu Seismic Analysis of Water Supply Systems by Earthquake Scenario Simulation
SMS12-7619 Louis Lee Research on Relief Loans in Taiwan Banking System
SMS12-7634 Wei-Shui Tsai Inter Organizational Social Capital and Knowledge Creation on Reconstruction Program after Typhoon Morakot: Experience of Kaohsiung City,Taiwan
SMS12-7778 Ting-Chi Tsao Debris Flow Risk Assessment and Land-Use Planning – A Case Study of Jhonglun Hot Spring Area
SMS12-7817 Tingyu An A Conceptual Scheme for Sustainable Development of Construction Labor Market in China
SMS12-7837 Wen-Haw Huang Dynamics of Control Mechanisms in Cost-Plus Percentage Contract
SMS12-7942 Yasushi Tanaka Rational Maintenace System for Concrete Bridges Detariorated by Salt Attack on the Coast of Japan Sea
SMS12-7979 Shuji Moriguchi Risk management of infrastructures on road network in Hida area
SMS12-8200 Tetsuya Oyamada Situation and Characteristics of Tsunami Damage to The Tide Walls along The Coast in Iwate Prefecture Resulting from The Great East Japan Earthquake
SMS12-8409 Miau-Bin Su Research on Debris as Resources Applied In-situ for Wild Creek after Typhoon Morakot
SMS12-8421 Takafumi Yokoyama New possibility of local broadcasting station using local animations.
SMS12-8634 Piyapong Janmaimool Enhancement of Disaster Preparedness among Elderly People by Strengthening Environmental Risk Communication
SMS12-9196 Takami Shizu Introduction of Application of Self- Evaluation Form From the Global Geoparks Network for Regional Vitalication Project Preparation and Project Management
SMS12-9361 Yuta Ikezawa Preparation of reference dataset for satellite remote sensing
SMS12-9432 Su-Chin Chen The Restoration of Sediment-Related Disasters and Driftwood from National Forest in Taiwan Caused by Typhoon Morakot in 2009
SMS12-9459 Takuya Komatsu Multi-Stakeholder Mental Model in Monobe River Improvement and Maintenance
SMS12-9615 Ren-Jwo Tsay Research for Rubber Concrete Effect RC Slab Behavior in Dynamic Loading
SMS12-9627 Pongsak Suttinon Regional Virtual Water of The Shikoku Island: Inter-Regional Input-Output Table
SMS12-9649 Jie-Ting Su Post Typhoon Morakot Railroad Restoration
SMS12-9897 Yuki Hasegawa Post Typhoon Morakot Disaster Railroad Restoration
SMS12-9979 Chun-Hung Chao The Application of Six Sigma Approach in Construction: A Case Study for Improving Precast Production Management

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