Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems (ISSN 2432-552X)

Vol.7 Issue 1

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IESL-SSMS Joint International Symposium on Social Management Systems 2011, 14-16 September 2011, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Nomination Serial Author Title
awarded SMS11-9457 GMPR Weerakoon An Approach for Small Community Wastewater Management using Constructed Wetlands
awarded SMS11-9724 Danai Jampanil Community Based Participation in Integrated Water Resources Development: Lessons Learned from case study of Rayong Province, Thailand
awarded SMS11-9829 Patricia Ann Jaranilla-Sanchez Towards managing droughts in a changing climate: A study of Southeast Asian Watersheds
Serial Name/Affiliation Title
SMS11-0319 Pongsak Suttinon Poverty Alleviation in Highland Area: Local Community Participation Approach
SMS11-0346 Takashi Watanabe Problem of Regional Policy and Solution to Appear by Repeating Balance Scorecard and SWOT Analysis
SMS11-0579 Dayanthi WKC Neetha Key Strategies for Efficient and Effective Solid Waste Management System for Galle Municipal Council Area
SMS11-0913 Kenji Okamura Proposition of A Function Design Method of Regional ICT By Using A Logic Model
SMS11-1285 Shuyang Li A WiFi-based Adjustment Algorithm for GPS Positioning on Smartphone
SMS11-1689 Mai Murayama Study on Evaluation of Social Systems for Climate Change Mitigation in terms of Japan’s National and Regional Scales with Quantitative and Qualitative Picture
SMS11-1779 Kazuhito Yamada Regional Revitalization in Akihabara
SMS11-1848 JMS J Bandara Need for an Integrated Highway Management System: Developments in Sri Lankan Context
SMS11-1876 Takumi Kakuzaki Study on Reformation of Regional System in Japan from the View Point of Infrastructure Development
SMS11-2001 Manisha Gunasekera Fugitive emissions from mixing equipment
SMS11-2445 Mohamed Rasmy A Satellite Based Land Data Assimilation System Coupled with A Mesoscale Model: Towards Improving Land Weather Prediction.
SMS11-2588 Takuya Togawa Evacuation, Post-disaster reconstruction and Improvement Management from QOL standards in Disasters
SMS11-2798 Yuta Ikezawa Landcover Change Detection using Satellite Remote Sensing for Damaged Area Mapping
SMS11-3144 Yoshimitsu Nakajima Transference of Self compacting concrete technology to developing country
SMS11-3177 Takashi Akiyama Study on Prediction Technique of Influence Range from Super Long-Term Natural Phenomenon
SMS11-3638 Hiroshi Nomura Landform Change Detection using Satellite Remote Sensing
SMS11-4022 Shiromi Karunaratne Estimation of Reaction Rate Constants of Pollutant Removal for Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands Treating Greay Water
SMS11-4039 Oyuntsatsral Tseyenbaljir Evaluation of The Schemes to Develop Infrastructure Projects: Official Development Assistance Versus Public Private Partnership
SMS11-4255 Senarath Bandara Project control in multi-project environment in Sri Lanka
SMS11-4577 Yasuaki Watanabe The possibility of Smart Grid Society
SMS11-4596 Masao Nagano The “Chicken or the Egg” Problem in Regional Revitalization Project;example of wood pellet business
SMS11-4706 Lalith Maddegedara Application of High Performance Computation for the Prediction of Urban Area Earthquake Disaster
SMS11-4732 Chintha Jayasinghe Sustainable construction for disaster recovery
SMS11-4861 Tekiho Yoshikawa Long Term stable building lease management for restaurants and bars –A Way for Re-vitalization of downtown in local city-
SMS11-4933 Susumu Araki Estimation of Expected Repair Cost for Detached Breakwater Covered with Wave-Dissipating Block
SMS11-4971 Harkunti Rahayu Logic Model of People’s Mind toward Tsunami Early Warning
SMS11-5123 Chokchai Suthidhummajit Climate Change Impact on Groundwater and Farmer’s response (The Wang Bua Irrigation Project, Kampheng Phet Province, Thailand: Case Study)
SMS11-5261 Hiroshi Sakamoto Forecasting Model of Structural Change in Japan: Using Markov Chain
SMS11-5299 Weranga Madhushan Kahawe Guruge Survey of resident`s willingness to separate waste collection and improvement of waste management in Sri Lanka
SMS11-5353 Yuji Nakamura Lessons from the US Experience on Inducing Highway Concession Contracts
SMS11-5587 Piriya Uraiwong Stakeholder Analysis of Water Resources Projects in Thailand
SMS11-5752 Cyril Kariyawasam Information Retrieval system for minor tanks in Sri Lanka using Google Maps and MySQL
SMS11-5801 Anura NANAYAKKARA Importance of controlling temperature rise due to heat of hydration in massive concrete elements
SMS11-5809 Atsushi Shojima Regional development and prosperity index – a case of small town in Kochi, Japan
SMS11-6081 Tiranga Udana Amarasuriya Balance Score Card – A Strategic Project Management Tool for Infrastructure Development Projects
SMS11-6415 Jirawan Jampanil Environmental Sustainability by Eco-industrial Network Approach Project: Maptaphut Industrial Estates Complex in Thailand
SMS11-6424 Tingyu An Towards the Sustainable Construction Labor Market in China: Facilitating Subcontractor’s Development
SMS11-6488 Tony C. Liu Sustainable Concrete Columns with Innovative Multi-Spiral Shear Reinforcement
SMS11-6722 Md. Shafiqul Islam LCC Synchronization by Proposed Methods of Chloride Distribution in Concrete Considering Stagnation of Liquid Water Front
SMS11-6834 Laddu Indika Nalin De Silva Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential of Western and Eastern Coastal Areas in Sri Lanka
SMS11-6877 Minoru Fukuda New Business Incubation for Regional Innovation
SMS11-7079 Masahiro Ouchi Impact of Increase or Decrease in Population on Demand for Construction in terms of Consumption of Cement in Each Prefecture in Japan
SMS11-7143 Taiki Fukuda The Optimal Scrapping and Maintenance Model of Infrastructure Considering Deterioration Process
SMS11-7165 Bandunee Champika Liyanage In-situ Water Quality and Economical Leachate Treatment System for Gohagoda Dumping Site, Sri Lanka
SMS11-7188 Udeni P Nawagamura Study on the native vegetation on cut slopes in the Southern Highway, Sri Lanka
SMS11-7198 Muhammad Syahril BK Preparedness Effort toward Climate Change adaptation in Upper Citarum River Basin, West Java, Indonesia
SMS11-7593 Kazuki Nakamura Strategic land-use transport planning to realise low carbon systems for Asian developing cities
SMS11-7848 Shunya Konohira Social Simulation with Logic Model of Mind Set -Application on Farmer’s Behavior to Protect Coral Reef
SMS11-8256 Kwanchai Pakoksung The Effect of Land Use Change on Runoff in The Nan Basin
SMS11-8290 SAS Perera Manufacture of Organic Fertiliser from Poultry Slaughterhouse Waste Rendering Plant Sludge Using Delta-D Technology
SMS11-8306 Kohei Nagai A Study on the Frequency of Movements in a Moutainous Region Focusing on Age-Group and Areas of Activities
SMS11-8696 Chamila Niroshini A methodology to analyze extreme flooding under future climate change scenarios for Colombo
SMS11-8798 Kotomi Uemoto The structure of satisfaction for water resources of citizens
SMS11-8874 Rajendra Niraula Contract Administration for a Construction Project under Fidic Redbook Contract in Asian Developing Countries
SMS11-9178 Takashi Goso Development and improvement of labor productivity assessment system in construction site by using Information Technology
SMS11-9195 Asif Mumtaz Bhatti The Potential Impacts of Temperature Change on Water Quality Parameters in Yoshino River, Japan
SMS11-9241 Toshihiko Takahashi Simple Inundation Evaluation System Based on Machine Learning Using Inundation and Rainfall Records
SMS11-9461 Nattakorn Bongochgetsakul Measurement of Airborne Chloride Particle Sizes Distribution for Infrastructures Maintenance
SMS11-9520 Rizal Tamin Complex and Uncertain Land Acquisition: One of Major obstacles in Toll Road Public Private Partnership Project in Indonesia
SMS11-9552 Dewi Larasari ZR Development of Contractor Quality Assurance System in Indonesian Public Works Procurement Reform
SMS11-9990 Shizu Takami Situation of wood biomass projects in Japan

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