Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems (ISSN 2432-552X)

Vol.6 Issue 1

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Society for Social Management Systems 2010, 4-6 March 2010, Kochi, Japan

Nomination Serial Author Title
awarded SMS10-113 Masaru MORITA Impact Of Global Climate Change On Infrastructure System For Flood Control In Urban River Basins
awarded SMS10-137 Jay LIN Application Of Early Seismic Loss Estimation (Esle)In Disaster Management
awarded SMS10-164 Chikako FUJIYAMA Fatigue Damage Assessment For Steel-Concrete Composite Deck
Serial Name/Affiliation Title
SMS10-005 Mitsuhiro KURASHIGE Social Innovation – Case Study on Broadcasting Industries –
SMS10-101 Kanichiro MATSUMURA Precipitation And Its Impacts For Global Scale Rice Production
SMS10-102 Yoshikazu MIYAMOTO A Comparative Structural Analysis On Assistance Methods For An Economical And Collaborative Approach For The Preservation And Restoration Of The Watershed Environment In Japan
SMS10-103 I Wayan Nuka LANTARA The Determinants Of The Use Of Derivatives In Japanese Insurance Companies
SMS10-104 Yoshitaka HACHIYA Quantification Of Changes In Surface Conditions Of Airport Pavements In Japan
SMS10-106 Shinji YAMAGUCHI Comparison Of Price Competetiveness Of Airconditioner –Applying T(Taguchi) Method Between Retail Price And Specifications –
SMS10-107 Shinji YAMAGUCHI Estimation Of Students’ Performance From Chracteristics Of Self-Evaluation –Applying T(Taguchi) Method To University Students –
SMS10-108 Tatsumasa KAITA Experimental Study On Remaining Tensile Strength Of Wide Steel Specimens With Different Corrosion Conditions
SMS10-109 Minoru YAMANAKA Engineering Methods and Economic Effects on Reproduction Technology of Final Disposal
SMS10-110 Michael W. HENRY Formation Of Sustainable Concrete By Social Perspectives In The Japanese Concrete Industry
SMS10-112 Shino HIIRAGI Accounting to Make Effective Use of “Genba Power”-For the Fair Performance Evaluation and Implementation of Total Management Control-
SMS10-114 Hirotoshi HAYASHI Selection Safe Places for Temporary Shelter From Debris Flow and Landslide Disasters in Mountainous Area
SMS10-115 Shigeru SHIMENO A Study On Structural Performance Deterioration Model For Pavement Asset Management
SMS10-116 Ta Quang BINH Risk Management By Using Financial Derivatives In Vietnamese Enterprises
SMS10-117 Nafisah Abdul RAHIMAN Comparative Study on Rainwater Harvesting Practice Between Two Metropolise: Tokyo (Sumida-Ku) & Selangor, Malaysia
SMS10-118 Kazuhiko SHIBA Tepco’s Energay and Environmental Strategies Toward a Low- Carbon Society
SMS10-119 Kamal KARUNANANDA Fatigue Life Prediction Of Bridges Under Extreme Loading
SMS10-120 J.M.Ruwan Sanjeewa APPUHAMY Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Residual Strength of Corroded Steel Plates in Tensile Force
SMS10-121 Sonny ZULHUDA Towards a Secure and Sustainable Critical Information Infrastructure(CII)-A Study on the Policy and Legal Frameworks in Malaysia
SMS10-122 Takato YASUNO Neighbor-Park Management Method To Both Smoothen Long-Run Budget And To Precaution Early-Deterioration Of Playground-Equipments
SMS10-124 Shunji KUSAYANAGI A Study On The Japanese Constriction Industry Reengineering Based On The Logic And Practice Of Contract Administration
SMS10-126 Suhar YANTO Constraints Analysis in the Applicability of Johkasou System to Cirebon City, Indonesia: Case Investigation for Appropriate Domestic Wastewater Treatment System for Developing Countries
SMS10-128 Yoshitsugu SHIROKADO Quality Assurance of Concrete Structure in Construction Process by Measuring Curing Effect by Using Odor Sensor
SMS10-129 Md. Shafiqul ISLAM Effects Of Cover Properties And Repair Methods On Lcc Estimation Of Reinforced Concrete Structure
SMS10-130 Yoshikadzu OTA Universal Design Concept Of Mitigation Measures To Tunnel Structures In The Case Of Fire
SMS10-131 Osamu TOMISAWA Management Issues Of A Visiting Nursing Station Business
SMS10-132 Makoto HIRANO Strategic Management for Sustainable Innovation —Effective Manner for Growing Japanese High-Tech Start-ups—
SMS10-133 Yuichi TANIWAKI Practice Of Risk Communications Between Local Government And Resident Using Flood Hazard Map Of Monobe River
SMS10-134 Qiaonan SHEN Moving Targets Tracking On Construction Sites In Complex Scenes
SMS10-135 Fumitaka KURAUCHI Challenges For More Efficient And Effective Asset Management And Governance For Infrastructure: Maintenance Expert Training Program In Gifu
SMS10-136 German PARDO Simple Beam Design, Cost & Co2 Assessment for Green Concrete Containing High Volume of Recycled Materials
SMS10-139 Toki UDAGAWA Study on Security Management Against Weapons of Mass Destruction
SMS10-140 Wataru SAKAKIBARA The Correlation Between Size Of Enterprises And Profitability In The Domestic Construction Companies
SMS10-141 Kohei NAGAI A Study On The Living Space Of The Residents In A Remote Mountainous Village: A Case Of Choja Village In Niyodogawa-Cho, Kochi, Japan.
SMS10-142 Naofumi SUZUKI The Relevance Of Symbolic Physical Environment To The Formation Of Social Networks For Rural Regeneration
SMS10-143 Kulkanaya NAPOMPECH Using Communities Of Practice To Develop Access To Traditional Thai Medicine
SMS10-144 Kulkanaya NAPOMPECH Earnings Information Conveyed By Dividend Policy
SMS10-145 Opal SUWUNNAMEK Buying Behavior Of Premium Beef Product In Bangkok
SMS10-146 Narongrid ASAVAROUNGPIPOP Financial Indicators For Early Warning System Of Agricultural Cooperatives In Thailand
SMS10-147 Mai MURAYAMA Study On Structure Of Shifting From Preexisting Issues To Environmental Issues Of Technology Transfer Between South And North – Case Study on Negotiation of UN Framework Convention 0n Climate Change-
SMS10-148 Rumiko SASAKI The Obstacles Of Retrofitting For Residential Buildings In Istanbul, Turkey
SMS10-149 Oyuntsatsral TSEYENBALJIR Possibility of Private Sector Participation in Special Economic Zone Development Projects: A Case Of Mongolia
SMS10-150 Yuji FUJIMORI A Simulation Model For Maintenance/Rehabilitation Of Sheet-Pile Structures In A Port Facility With Reference To Seismic Risk
SMS10-151 Budi HASIHOLAN E-Procurement Efficiency On Indonesian Local Government Budget: A Case Study Of Surabaya City
SMS10-152 Dewi Larasati ZR Direction for Reform of Public Procurement System; Lesson from Practices
SMS10-153 Ting yu AN A Case Study of Labor-Service Management Practice in Railway Construction Projects in China
SMS10-154 Kotomi UEMOTO Method For Grasping Effects Based On Structural Model Of Caregiver’s Sense Of Burden
SMS10-155 Yi WANG Climate Change Adaptation On Transboundary Watershed
SMS10-156 Hisashi MORI Road Maintenance and Repair Strategy with Benchmarking Methodology
SMS10-157 Kei SUGITA Simulation of long-term time-dependent mechanics of an existing PC bridge
SMS10-158 Naofumi SUZUKI The Relevance Of Symbolic Physical Environment To The Formation Of Social Networks For Rural Regeneration
SMS10-159 Sachiko YAMAMOTO Creation and Management Way of the Support Project for Elderly Person to Live in Central Area in Yamaguchi Pre.
SMS10-160 Nobuyoshi YABUKI Toward Adoption of Virtual Construction in the Infrastructure Domain
SMS10-161 Nobuyoshi YABUKI Development Of A Dynamic Sensor Data Model With Contexts For Data Mining From Monitoring Of Infrastructures
SMS10-163 Harkunti RAHAYU Good Practices of Enhancement Early Warning System for High Populated Cities- A Case Study for Jakarta Flood
SMS10-165 Chihara MARI The Location Trend Of Day Service Facilities And The Level Of Sufficiency By Use Sphere In Yamaguchi Prefecture
SMS10-167 Syahril B.K. Small Reservoir Development for Poor Alleviation in Arid Area: Case Study in Blora, Central Java, Indonesia
SMS10-168 Kazuyuki SAKAI Management Issues of Visiting Nursing Station Business
SMS10-170 Kyaw Sann OO Land Cover Clasification For Forest Management Using Alos-Avnir-Ii Images
SMS10-171 Makoto TAKEDA Application Of Integrated Urban Area Flood Estimation System
SMS10-172 Koji UDA Lens Calibration For Digital Photogrammetry And The Application
SMS10-173 Kazuhiro TANIWAKI Performance-Based Minimum Cost Design Of Bridge System Subjected To Devastating Earthquake
SMS10-174 Shinichi MAEDA Proposal for Regional Environment Management System for Red Soil Protection in Ishigaki Island
SMS10-175 Hiroshi FUKUYAMA Management of Continuity and/or Resiliency of Building Function After Earthquake Disasters
SMS10-180 Shinsuke NAKATA Lifecycle Cost Concept of Existing Buildings Based on The Seismic Performance
SMS10-183 Asif Mumtaz BHATTI Domestic Water Demand Forecasting And Management Under Changing Socio – Economic Senario
SMS10-185 Hande UNLU International Study On Fire Prevention Technology Development At Organizational Levels
SMS10-188 Hiroshi SAKO Approach to the Social Mechanism to Reduce the CO2 Emission from Existing Buildings
SMS10-189 Ivana FIGUEIREDO Players in Architectural Project Process Flow Towards Sustainable Buildings: Case Studies Based Outline
SMS10-191 Huan-Chung CHIU Computer-Aided Design And Manufacturing Of Bipolar Plates For Dmfc
SMS10-192 Chun-Hsien CHIANG Stationary Design Of Aging Society-With Stapler As A Case Study-
SMS10-193 Yu-ChengCHEN The Recognition of 3D Basic Patterns and Tactile Icon for the Blind
SMS10-194 Alfred HAACK Construction of the North-South-Metro Line in Cologne and the Accident on March 3rd, 2009
SMS10-195 Shinichi OKABE Analysis Of Business Continuity Management Implementation Levels Of Japanese Manufacturing
SMS10-197 Yasunori SUZUKI Durable Integration Fresh Concrete To Existing Concrete Using Epoxy Resin Adhesive
SMS10-501 Mohammad Reza OKHOVAT Proposed Damage Control of Underground Infrastructure by Sheet Pile Construction at Liquefiable Urban Areas

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