Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems (ISSN 2432-552X)

Vol.5 Issue 1

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Society for Social Management Systems 2009, 5-7 March 2009, Kochi, Japan

Nomination Serial Author Title
awarded SMS09-101 Tony C. Liu Life-Cycle Management of Sustainable Public Infrastructure
awarded SMS09-134 Masamitsu Miyamura Earthquake Hazard Mitigation in Urban Areas by the Integration of Socio and Engineering Approach
awarded SMS09-149 Chikako Fujiyama A Proposal of Durability Assessment for Existing Bridge Decks Subjected to Heavy Traffic
Serial Name/Affiliation Title
SMS09-002 Takeshi KUROKAWA Past Present & Future of Urban Development in Japan
SMS09-005 Kiyoshi KOBAYASHI A Hybrid Ground Subsidence Prediction Model for Airport Pavement Management
SMS09-006 Kris R. NIELSEN A Management System for Infrastructure Construction-Meeting the Needs of the Next Two Decades-
SMS09-007 Shunji KUSAYANAGI New Movement for Improving Construction Management Education System in Asia
SMS09-019 Sucharit K. The Proposed Web based Provincial Water Management System in Thailand
SMS09-102 Tetsuya Ishida Maintenance Management System for RC Subway Tunnels Based on a Numerical Predictive Models Coupled with On-Site Measurement Information
SMS09-104 Kamal Karunananda Maintenance Management of Multispan Masonry Arch Bridges by Reliability Concept
SMS09-105 Keiichi Yasuda The influence that the Type of the Deterioration Prediction in Bridge Gives to a Maintenance Budget Plan
SMS09-106 Hideyuki Kobayashi Probabilistic Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for the Construction and Maintenance of Reinforced Concrete Structures
SMS09-107 Makoto Kaneuji Development of BMS and Possibility of Performance Based Contracting Using BMS
SMS09-108 Mitao Ohga Remaining Service Life Based Maintenance Strategy for Railway Bridges
SMS09-109 Miansong Huang Remaining Service Life Based Maintenance Strategy for Railway Bridges
SMS09-110 Naho Takeda The Making Musical Instruments with Prestressing Steel Wire and Ultra High Strength Fiber Reinforced Concrete
SMS09-111 Makoto Koga Quality Improvement of Design Results
SMS09-112 Yutaka Seki The Total Risk Management System for Construction of a Railway Track Improvement Project
SMS09-113 Rajendra Niraula A Study on Contract Administration in the Construction Industry of a Developing Country: a Case of Nepal
SMS09-114 Dewi Larasati ZR Evaluation Study on Existing Condition of Indonesian Construction Industry: How to Improve Performance and the Competitiveness
SMS09-115 Shoji Ikeda Performance – Creative Concept for Infrastructure Design
SMS09-116 Jun Yamazaki The Scheme and Its Management of Autonomous Public Authority in Realizing Innovations onto Expressway Bridges
SMS09-117 Keiji Yamazaki The Importance of Design and Technical Management in International Bridge Construction Project from Contractor’s Point of View
SMS09-118 Yoshifumi Nishiwaki A Proposal to Realize Sustainable Development of Large Hydropower Project
SMS09-119 Jirapong Pipattanapiwong An Effective Risk and Uncertainty Management Process for Infrastructure Projects: Development of Multi-Party Risk and Uncertainty Management Process
SMS09-120 Jirapong Pipattanapiwong Applicability of Multi-Party Risk and Uncertainty Management Process: Benefits from Its Application on an Infrastructure Project
SMS09-121 Takashi Goso A Study on Dispute Resolution Procedure of Japanese Public Works
SMS09-124 Raja Bhai Shilpakar Impact of Climate Change on Snowmelt Runoff: a Case Study of Tamakoshi Basin in Nepal
SMS09-125 Masao Nagano Utilization of Bamboo Forest for a District Energy Resource: an Example of Phyllostachys Pubescens
SMS09-126 Tsunemi Watanabe Monobe River Basin Management and Myself
SMS09-127 Tsunemi Watanabe Past, Present, and Future of Transition of People’s Perspectives Towards Monobe River
SMS09-129 Yasuhiro Shoji Developing Earthquake Damage Detection and Information Sharing Tools for Road Administrators
SMS09-130 J.M.R.S. Appuhamy Importance of Numerical Modeling in Tsunami Disaster Prevention
SMS09-131 Shinichi Maeda Research on Stability Evaluation of Disaster Information Network by Multi Agent Theory
SMS09-132 Chu-Chieh Jay Lin Reconnaissance Observation from May 12 China Earthquake
SMS09-133 Shinichi Okabe Business Continuity Management Plannin-Japanese Approach
SMS09-135 Takato Yasuno Estimating Occurrence Probability and Loss Index to Manage the Social Risk of Strong-Winds
SMS09-136 Yasuaki Watanabe Style Analyses of Desirable Hedge Fund Strategies for Actual Investors
SMS09-137 Yasuaki Watanabe Binominal Changing Volatility Approach to Subprime Loan Problem
SMS09-138 Yasuaki Watanabe Optimal Asset Allocations in Both ALM and LDI Approaches of Pension Funds
SMS09-139 Xin Fu The Behavior of Japanese Venture Capitalists and the Role of Intellectual Capital Information
SMS09-140 An Tingyu A Game-Chain-Based Approach for Decision Making
SMS09-141 Shinji Yamaguchi Pricing Management between Airconditioner Retail Price and Specification Factors – Applying T (Taguchi) Method –
SMS09-142 Yongdong Tan Applying Connection and Interaction to Promote Knowledge Creation Capability in Engineering Education
SMS09-144 Atsuyoshi Suekane An Analysis on Long Standing Companies in Japan : Why They can be Sustainable?
SMS09-145 Makoto Hirano Community Joint-Mission as Regional Business Platform—Comparative Study of Three Different Scaled Communities—
SMS09-146 Tsuyoshi Kariya Theoretical Structure of Administrative Management System
SMS09-148 Kazuhiro Taniwaki Optimal Bridge Maintenances Strategy Determined by the Markov Process and Two Stage Optimization Technique
SMS09-150 Masaru Kaidzu Easy Tool for Cost Estimation of Restoration of Damaged Sites
SMS09-151 Kiyoyuki Kaito Durability Analysis of Pothole Patching Mixture in Snowy Cold Region
SMS09-153 Katsuya Mita Effects of Bleeding of Water and Compacting Way on Chloride Diffusion into Concrete
SMS09-154 Sachie Kokubo Calculation Model of Airborne Chloride Ion for Bridge Management Systems
SMS09-155 Akira Iwabuchi The Algeria East-West Highway: An Interim Report
SMS09-156 Toshiyuki Ikuma Geological Risk Reduction Management Ahead of Tunnel Face
SMS09-157 Wu-Te Ko Influence of Ground Improvement and Construction Management on Shield Tunnel Excavation : a Case Study of Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit System
SMS09-158 Yoh Nakajima Study of Reasonable Reinforcement Method for Underground Power Cable Tunnel in Soft Cohesive Soil Ground
SMS09-159 Kazuhiro Tsuno Performance Based Design with Cost-Reducing Production Process for Shield Tunnel RC-Segment
SMS09-160 Sucharit Koontanakulvong Enhancing Community Capacity in Water Management via Web-Based Decision Support System
SMS09-161 Michael Henry Simplified Triple Bottom Line Assessment for New concrete Materials During the Development Process
SMS09-162 Feng Liu Indigenous Knowledge Exploitation for Rural Regional Development —by Case of Baixinglin in Guizhou China
SMS09-164 Takuya Hatanaka Network Construction of Regional Welfare Home Renovated Vacant House in Depopulated Area – Case Study of “Abu Welfare Association” in Abu town Yamaguchi Prefecture –
SMS09-165 Sachiko Yamamoto Information Service System of Vacant House in Rural Areas Case Study on West Japan
SMS09-166 Peiqian Liu Contribution of Historical Social Capital to Innovation-Oriented Learning- Case of Chinese Logistics Public Corporation
SMS09-167 Toki Udagawa Study on Airport Operation Management with the Balance between Airport Security and Airport Service
SMS09-170 M. Syahril B. Kusuma The Application of Two Dimension Mathematical Model for Assessing Water Quality Distribution of Jatiluhur Reservoir
SMS09-173 Yumio Ishii Infrastructure, Disaster and Climate Change in Japan
SMS09-174 Kojiro Okabayashi Study on Earthquake-Proof Reinforcement of Breakwater in Fishing Port to Nankai Earthquake
SMS09-175 Kenji Okamura A proposal of the Effect Structure and the Evaluation Process for Rural ITS
SMS09-176 Suharyanto Comparative Study of Basin-Based Wastewater Management for Industrial Pollution Control in Upper Citarum River Basin, West Java, Indonesia
SMS09-177 Marc Milian Sanguesa Achieving a Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Spain: The Case of Morella Town
SMS09-180 Takao Saruhashi A Study for Asset Management of Sluiceway Facilities Forcursing on the Facility Importance

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