Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems (ISSN 2432-552X)

Vol.4 Issue 1

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Society for Social Management Systems – Infrastructure and Environment, 6-8 March 2008, Kochi, Japan

Serial Name/Affiliation Title
SMS08-001 Patricia D. Galloway The Framework of Sustainability for Engineering Design Considerations
SMS08-002 Masanori Fujita Integration of Social Science, Engineering and Environmental Management -Case of a Sewerage for the Sustainable City-
SMS08-003 Toshio Koike Toward Sound Decision Making on Water Resources Management in Asia
SMS08-101 Yasuaki Watanabe The Importance of Environmental Conservation -Lake Biwa’s Case-
SMS08-102 Asif Mumtaz Bhatti Assessing the Potential of Remotely sensed Data for Water Quality Monitoring of Coastal and Inland Waters
SMS08-103 Pongsak Suttinon Household Water Demand Management Model By Using Input-Output Table with Impacts from Pricing Policy
SMS08-104 Osamu Tomisawa Re-energizing a Regional Small Manufacturing Company through Metamorphosis into Autonomous Business from a Subcontractor- A Case Study of a Technology Oriented Enterprise-
SMS08-105 Hiroshi Fukushima On the Formation of Production Networks of Small Binocular Manufacturers in Japan’s Early Postwar Period
SMS08-106 Kouki Kishikawa A Study of the Statement of Comprehensive Income~~Relating the Problem of Recycling~~
SMS08-107 Jun Yao Using Corporation Intangibles Information to Make Investment Decisions in the Background of Globalization
SMS08-108 Taichiro Baba A Basic Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Public Works in Kochi City
SMS08-110 Micheal Henry A Social Networking-Based Approach to Information management in Construction
SMS08-111 Masayuki Aizawa A Study of the Cultural Strategy on Preservation and Development
SMS08-112 Takashi Goso A Study on Construction Management Contract for Construction Project in Japan
SMS08-113 Rajendra Niraula Making Claim/Dispute Management System in Japanese Public Works Construction Compatible with International Construction Market
SMS08-114 Arief Setiawan Budi Nugroho Study of Cast-in-place Mortar Compared to Brick and Mortar-block System for Wall Work of Low Cost Housing Construction in Indonesia
SMS08-115 Theeraphong Chanpheng Katsushika-Harp Bridge: Vibration Monitoring During Earthquakes and Results
SMS08-116 Chu-Chieh J. Lin Structural Health Dignosis/Monitoring Using Neural Networks for Cable-Stayed Bridge Management System
SMS08-117 Chikako Fujiyama Present Achievement and Future Possibility of Fatigue Life Simulation Technology for RC Bridge Deck Slabs
SMS08-118 Akihito Hata Development Of LCC Evaluation System For Civil Engineering Infrastrucures
SMS08-119 Yukihiro Ishihara Study on Development of the Pile Penetration Test System Based on Press-In Construction Data
SMS08-120 Kengo Obama Asset Management System for Educational Facilities Considering the Heterogeneity in Deterioration Process
SMS08-121 Yasuhito Sakai New Approach for Efficient Road Maintenace on Urban Expressway Based on HEML (Hanshin Expressway Logic Model)
SMS08-122 Yoshihiro Tsunekawa Study of Constructing Asset Management System for Ground Anchor
SMS08-123 Masato Miyata Enhanced Functionality for an Existing Bridge Management System
SMS08-124 Tsuyoshi Kariya Construction of Methodology Concerning Plan of Policy and Measures and Administrative Management System
SMS08-125 Kotomi Uemoto Method of Evaluating the Feeling of Burden Experienced by Caregivers: From Concept of System Maintenance
SMS08-126 Yuta Kawarazaki Psychological Structuring of citizen’s willingness for seismic reinforcement of houses *
SMS08-127 Kyaw Sann Oo Geometric Error Assessment on Satellite Imagery for GIS Analysis
SMS08-128 Tomonori Miyazaki Accurate Geometric Transformation of Laser Scanner Data for Landslide Monitoring
SMS08-129 Takahiro Nakagawa Three Dimensional Measurement by Satellite Remote Sensing for Disaster Monitoring
SMS08-130 Daisaku Tachibana A Basic study on geological risk reduction in Japan public works
SMS08-131 Tsunemi Watanabe A Framework of Watershed Management from the Viewpoints of Project Risk Management
SMS08-132 Yasuhide Nigauri Importance of the Active Fault Researches for Effective Earthquake Risk Management
SMS08-133 Hidefumi Ikeda Impact on Passenger and Cargo Flow Caused by the Functional Decline of the International Airport
SMS08-134 Masaru Morita Optimal Flood Protection Level for Flood Control Infrastructure Construction in the Framework of Risk Management
SMS08-135 Toshiyuki Ikuma A case Study of the Geological Risk Management using Suitable Investigation in Mountain Tunneling
SMS08-136 Midori Enomoto A Case Study on the Preservation Process of Meijibashi Bridge as an Industrial Heritage in Comparison with Chikugo River Lift Bridge
SMS08-137 Feng Liu Establishment of Regional Culture for Preventing Depopulation Laborers—case of Yaeyama Islands in Japan
SMS08-138 Yoko Mohri A Street Design as a Device to Cultivate Attachment of Inhabitants
SMS08-139 Peiqian Liu Contribution of Community Culture for Regional Development-Through Cases of Isolated Group Islands in Yaeyama, Japan
SMS08-140 Kota Masuyama Effect of Redevelopment Around the Station in Local Cities
SMS08-141 Marc Milian Sanguesa Past, Present and Future of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Spain
SMS08-142 Makoto Hirano Global Collaboration and Technology Impact for Regional Development- A Successful Case in Japanese Flower Industry-
SMS08-143 Bin He Analysis of Groundwater Resources Vulnerability from Agricultural Activities in the Large Irrigation District along the Yellow River
SMS08-144 Xiaohong Zhang Promote the Sustainable Development of Water Resource in China Using the Concept of Scientific Development
SMS08-145 Pongsak Suttinon Agricultural Water Demand Prediction Model by Using Input-Output Table with Impacts from Declared Strategy of Thailand
SMS08-146 Katsuya Mita Significance of Visutal Test and Hammering Test to Manage Concrete Structure Durabilty
SMS08-147 Ryoma Hiraoka Development of the analytical model for farm management to decrease red soil runoff in Ishigaki Island
SMS08-148 Hirotoshi Kurata “Optimization” of Dam Operation Rule to Improve Water Environment in Monobe River
SMS08-149 Seigo Nasu Development of a Sustainable Community Management System Applying Conversion Technology of Forest Resources to Energy
SMS08-150 Suhar Yanto Basin-Based Wastewater Management System in Japan, the Netherlands and Indonesia: A Comparative Study for Surface Water Quality Improvement in Upper Citarum Basin
SMS08-156 Kenetsu Uchida A Study on Feasibility Evaluation of a Gas Cogeneration System Considering Demand Fluctuation Risk
SMS08-157 Norihisa Miyamoto A Study on Optimum Life Cycle Cost Focusing Bridge Maintenance for Japanese Local Governments -A Case Study in Fukuoka City, Japan-
SMS08-158 Tadashi Okutani Case Study of Consensus Building for Enhancement of the Regional Disaster Resilience
SMS08-159 Masaya Hanawa Indicators and Data Collection to Support Performance Measurment System
SMS08-160 Tony C. Liu Infrastructure Renewal and Management Research in Taiwan
SMS08-161 Shinsuke Setoshita PDCA Cycle Based Traffic Accident Countermeasure Management

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