Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems (ISSN 2432-552X)

Vol.3 Issue 1

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The International Symposium on Social Management, 9-11 March 2007, Hubai, China

Nomination Serial Author Title
awarded SMS07-106  Raja Rizwan Hussain Modeling of Corrosion in RC Structures Under Variable Chloride Environment Based on Thermodynamic Electro-Chemical Approach
awarded SMS07-147  Kazuyuki Tsukahara Proposal of the New School-Education System for Under-Populated Areas in Japan
Serial Name/Affiliation Title
SMS07-001 Patricia D. Galloway The Engineer’s Role in Public Policy
SMS07-002 Jayantha Ranatunga Panel Discussion: Process and Methodology for Regional Development
SMS07-003 Yumio Ishii Panel Discussion: Restoration of Japan’s Environment After the High Economic Growth
SMS07-004 Dongping Fang Panel Discussion: A Research Proposal on Managing Community Perceptions of Environmental Risks Associated with Large-Scale Construction Projects in China
SMS07-101  Kyaw Sann Oo Automated Registration with High to Medium Resolution Satellite Data
SMS07-102  Kazu Kinoshita Monitoring Method of Landslide using Laser Scanner-Accurate Geometric Transformation by Multi Surfaces Measurement
SMS07-103  Yuta Yamamoto Establishing Spatial Database for Slope Failure with GPS Digital Camera
SMS07-104  Kengo Anami Local Stress Approach for Fatigue Assessment of Welled Joint
SMS07-105  Prince O’Neill Iqbal Modeling of Chloride Transport in Concrete Coupled with Moisture Migration in Marine Environment Based on Thermodynamic Approach
SMS07-107  Tsuyoshi Maruya A Method of Predicting Surface Condition of Concrete Structures – Prediction of corrosion of reinforcing bars and surface condition of concrete and revision of prediction based on concrete surface conditions –
SMS07-108  Supakit Swatekititham Modeling of the Surface Chloride Reduction Due to Excess Absorbability
SMS07-109  Takashi Yamamoto Accuracy of Map Digitizing by Using Digital Camera
SMS07-110  Yuta Kawarasaki Proposal of Effective Quality Control and Insurance System of Construction Industry
SMS07-111  Xiangrong Du Problem Analysis and Suggestion for Chinese Highway Projects Financed by State Corporations
SMS07-112  Kenichi Niikura Construction management system – Implementation of construction site inspections by the Board of Directors
SMS07-113  Yasuaki Moriyama The Procurement Strategy for Railway Construction Projects
SMS07-114  Tsunemi Watanabe Were Conventional Public Construction Procurement Practices in Japan Really Unique and Problematic?
SMS07-115  Hajime Ito A Study on Estimation for Life Cycle Cost of RC Bridge Piers
SMS07-116  Yukikazu Tuji International Technical Standards in the Field of Concrete
SMS07-117  Yoshimitsu Nakajima Current State and Action for Extension of Concrete Lifespan of Infrastructure in Japan – Popularization of Super Quality Concrete-
SMS07-118  Akira Yanagawa Management of River Environment Preservation at Hitokura Dam-Collaboration with Regional Residents-
SMS07-119  Pongsak Suttinon Industrial Water Demand Prediction Model: The Case of Changing Industrial Market Share from Free Trade Agreements
SMS07-120  Feng Guo Coordination: the Effective Working Mechanism of Social System – with a discussion on the Social Responsibilities of Engineers
SMS07-121  XiaoDong Li Wisdom–“The Making of Morality “—- A Tentative View on Corporate Citizen Phenomenon and Corporate Social Responsibility
SMS07-122  Feng Liu Regional Development through Autonomy Establishment in Contemporary West-China—-The case of Chengdu’s Five Golden Flowers
SMS07-124  Masanobu Nagano A Practical Study For A Sustainable Wood-Based Energy Supply System -Case example for Heating Greenhouse Crops-
SMS07-128  Masahiro Ouchi Bond Strength of Self-Comacting Mortar
SMS07-129  Jiro Sakue Change in flowability of self-compacting concrete due to pumping
SMS07-130  Jeong Jong Hyeok Crack Monitoring Using A Digital Camera and an Image Total Station
SMS07-131  Kenichiro Nakarai Numerical Evaluation of Calcium Leaching from Cementitious Materials in Contact with Bentonite
SMS07-132  Sachie Kokubo Bridges management system – A strategy for individual and total maintenance planning-
SMS07-133  Tomoki Ushida Establishment of Systematic Maintenance Procedure for Concrete Structures in LNG Terminal
SMS07-134  Masato Miyata Conditional Equilibrium Analysis System of Service Level and Budget Allocation for Road Pavement by Deterioration Model of MCI
SMS07-135  Yoichi Hirota Risk Management System and Project Staff Education Program for Overseas Construction Project Using the Expert System
SMS07-136  To Nam Toan Evaluation of Procurement Systems For BOT Infrastructure Projects in Asian Countires
SMS07-137  Guofu Zhao Indicators of Social Impact Assessment for BOT/PPP Projects
SMS07-138  Seigo Nasu Conceptual Structure of New Public Management ~ Design Methodology of New Public Management and System Maintenance ~
SMS07-139  Motomune Kataoka Evaluation of Support System for Driving Narrow Road
SMS07-140  Megumi Fukui Evaluation of Characteristic of Venture Business Companies Using Self-Organizing-Map
SMS07-141  Takahiro Yamaguchi A Study on Infrastructure Evaluation Considering the Reciprocal Motive by CVM
SMS07-142  Rajendra Niraula Changing Organizational Culture of University in Least Developed Country
SMS07-143  Taiju Yoneda Production and Examination of Prestress loss of Precast Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girder Using Self-Compacting Concrete in Cambodia
SMS07-144  Takayuki Obara Environment Impact Evaluation of a New Type Continuous Mixing Plant for Dam Construction
SMS07-145  Yasushi Mabuchi Administration Model for Urban Green Spaces in terms of Cool Island Effect
SMS07-146  Seiichi Kagaya Sustainability Governance for Planning of River Environment
SMS07-148  Asif Mumtaz Bhatti Estimating Suspended Sediment Concentration in Turbid Water using Remotely Sensed Data
SMS07-149  Takashi Goso A Study on Restructuring of Administrative Management System of Local Governments
SMS07-150  Mai Murayama The Methodology of the Structuration of the Recognitions About the Measurement Against Climate Change Among Stakeholders
SMS07-151  Guo Chen Swot Analysis of the Functions of Chinese Universities
SMS07-152  Tsuyoshi Kariya Evaluation and Decision Method of Outsoursing in the Administration
SMS07-153  Noriyasu Kachi Impact of Decreasing Birthrate and Aging Society on the Residents’ Quality of Life in Large Metropolitan Areas
SMS07-154  Masato Miyata Creating a Disaster Prevention System Using New Public Management Methodology
SMS07-155  Chakrit Suwannachote Resource Optimization Model for Managing Conflict in Tsunami Relief Operations in Thailand
SMS07-156  Yasuhide Nigauri Earthquake risk Management of Underground Lifelines Using Geographical and Geological Inforamtion
SMS07-157  Barbka Rupar Importance of Team Work for Nonprofit Organization

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