Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems (ISSN 2432-552X)

Vol.2 Issue 1

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The International Symposium on Disaster Prevention, 9-11 March 2006, Kochi, Japan

Nomination Serial Author Title
awarded SMS06-108 Tuyoshi Ichimura Integrated Earthquake Simulator to Generate Advanced Earthquake Disaster Information
Serial Name/Affiliation Title
SMS06-101 Mikio Ueno Flood Analysis by Finite Elemental Method using Laser Measurement Data
SMS06-102 Kiyoshi Kobayashi Economic Measure of Cost-Benefit Analysis under Disaster Risk and Mitigation Policy
SMS06-103 Motoki Nishimori Estimation of Future Regional-Scale Heavy Rainfall Change over Japan and East Asia under the Global Climate Change by Using the Statistical Downscaling Method
SMS06-104 Minoru Yamanaka Application of Surface-Wave Prospecting in Engineering Geophysical Survey
SMS06-105 Takeshi Koike Optimal Investment Strategies for Lifeline Systems Under Seismic Risks
SMS06-106 Jyunsaku Asada Proposal of an Immediate Action Support System to Operate in Real Time During Disaster
SMS06-107 Makoto Ohya Disaster Information-Gathering System Using Cellular Phone with a Global Positioning System
SMS06-109 Shuichi Hasegawa Seismic Hazard in Takamatsu Japan
SMS06-110 Yasushi Oikawa The Effect of some Experiences and the Publication of Potential Disaster Risk Information on Inhabitants’ Behavior in Storm Surge Disaster
SMS06-111 Kichiro Kimura Toward more Accurate Prediction of Damage due to Strong Winds
SMS06-112 Shintaro Goto Environment Sensitivity Analysis for near Shore Region Using GIS Based ESI Map
SMS06-113 Yuko Murachi Application of the Seismic Risk Evaluation Focusing on the Safety of Employees in Industrial Buildings
SMS06-114 Masayuki Matsuoka The Water Balance Modeling of the Yellow River for the Water Resource Management
SMS06-115 Jaime Santos-Reyes A Systemic Approach to Disaster Management
SMS06-116 Takashi Hara Dynamic Response of R/C Cooling Tower Shell Considering Supporting Systems
SMS06-117 Kenichi Komada Appropriate Flood-Protection Measures under Rapid Urbanization -Applicability of Japan’s Comprehensive Flood Control Measures to Bangkok-
SMS06-118 Toshinori Sakai Finite Element Analysis for Evaluation of Slope Stability Induced by Cutting
SMS06-119 Jong-Hyeok Jeong A Practical Method for Disaster Monitoring
SMS06-120 Hiroshi Matsuda Application of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag to Reduce the Seismic Earth Pressure
SMS06-121 Reiko Amano Prevention Measures Against Fines in Road Tunnels and Water screen Fire Prevention System
SMS06-122 Kojiro Okabayashi Prediction Method of Liquefaction at Fishing Village in Kochi Prefecture by Nankai Earthquake
SMS06-123 Bin He Study On The Catchment Scale Disaster Management System Using GIS Tools
SMS06-124 Wang Yi An Analysis Of Storm-induced Landslides Considering The Rainwater Storage In Catchments By A Hydrologic Model
SMS06-125 Masaaki Yoshikawa Risk Assessment Using Seismic Risk Management And Response Analysis Of Base Isolation Structure
SMS06-126 Gillian Kular Watch Out For Terrorists And Birds?

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