Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems (ISSN 2432-552X)

Vol.11 Issue 2 (Jul. 10, 2018)

Infrastructure Planning and Management, Asset Management

SMS17-1174 Yutaka Hirashima Analysis of Incentive Mechanism for Availability Payment System applied to Highway PPP Projects
SMS17-1329 Kazuaki Torisawa A Study on the Risk Assessment of Emergency Supplies Transportation Routes Considering Scenario Earthquakes
SMS17-7959 Daniel Haussner Organizational Learning Mechanisms for Japanese General Contractors’ International Operations
SMS17-8592 Yuji Munehiro A Study on Enhanced International Competitiveness for Japanese Civil Engineering Consulting Firms (JCECFs)

Environment and security of Water, Energy, Food, and movement of NEXUS

SMS17-1184 Chokchai Suthidhummajit The Impact of Climate Change on Groundwater System Under Conjunctive Use in the Upper Central Plain, Thailand

IoT and Smart City

SMS17-3477 Qiannan Zhuo Household Recycling in order to Build a Sound Material-cycle Society -A case study in Minamata City Kumamoto Prefecture Japan-

Disaster, Resilience and Management

SMS17-1528 Kaito Yokoyama Reduction Effects on Amount and Disposal Cost of Debris by Planned Clearance of Vacant Houses ―A Case Study of Enshu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan―
SMS17-1677 Yusuke Toyoda Gaming Simulations as the Medium for Disaster Education in Schools and Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction
SMS17-3116 Kohei Yoshimura Climate Change Adaptation Policy Making According to the Philosophy of Disaster Prevention
SMS17-5131 Mohamad Khoiri Landslides Hazard Mapping Using Remote Sensing Data in Ponorogo Regency, East Java
SMS17-8209 Wanglin Yan Statistical Analysis of Tsunami Waste and the Treatment in the Great East Japan Earthquake

Entrepreneurship and Regional Revitalization, Starting up Promotion

SMS17-6052 Takaaki Ohara Analysis of the Issues in Japanese Biopharmaceutical Industry by Utilizing R&D Process Modeling

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