Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems (ISSN 2432-552X)

Vol.11 Issue 1 (Dec. 20, 2017)

Infrastructure Planning and Management, Asset Management

SMS17-2012 Ryoichi Sakamoto The Effects Evaluation of The Deterioration of Bridge Expansion Joints on The Corrosion at Steel Girder End Part
SMS17-4489 Pakpoom Limtong Airborne chloride penetration into mortar specimens with different mix proportions in Phuket, Thailand
SMS17-4917 Reika Yamaguchi Accuracy Improvement of 3D Models Generated by Structure from Motion (SfM) Using Joint Histogram of Oriented Gradients (Joint-HOG)
SMS17-6349 Nipat Puthipad Use of Defoaming Agent for Elimination in Large Entrained Air Bubbles to Improve Air Stability in Mortar of Self-compacting Concrete with High Volume Fly Ash
SMS17-8813 Shun Araki Evaluation for Load Bearing Capacity of Each Layer of Pavement in Japan Expressway
SMS17-9905 Akiko Hasegawa An Expert Dispatch System for Green Space Conservation in Small Scale Developments

Environment and security of Water, Energy, Food, and movement of NEXUS

SMS17-2187 Long Tran Examination of land recharges using soil moisture approach: Case study in Thailand
SMS17-2360 Srisunee Wuthiwongyothin The Effects of Climate Change on Hydrology based on Dynamically Downscaling and Physically-Based Hydrology Model at Upper Ping
SMS17-3216 Pwint Phyu Aye Estimation of Groundwater Flow Budget in the Upper Central Plain, Thailand from Regional Groundwater Model
SMS17-4152 Hirohide Komatsu Estimation of Adherent Chloride Ion Amount on Concrete Surface for Bridge Maintenance by Using GIS Data and Meteorological Data
SMS17-4739 Takumi Fujiwara Construction Method of Voxel Model and the Application for Agro-Forestry

IoT and Smart City

SMS17-2655 Abdul Karim Mustafa Integration of Fuzzy Delphi Method with Artificial Neural Network for Social Media in Malaysia Disaster Response
SMS17-6024 Leinia Audinda Virsa Investigation of the Effects of Traffic Safety and In-vehicle Criminality on Commuter’s Mode Choice Behaviour

Disaster, Resilience and Management

SMS17-2115 Kimhuy Sok Meteorological Drought Assessment for the Baribo Basin in Cambodia
SMS17-2604 Pongsit Polsomboon Effect of Monsoon Wind to Current in East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand
SMS17-3258 Keidai Kishimoto Modelling the Site Selection of Temporary Yards for Disaster Waste Treatment
SMS17-4567 Kwanchai Pakoksung Approach of Estimating Tsunami Economic Losses in The Okinawa Island with Scenario-based of Input-Output Table and Okinawa Earthquake Sources
SMS17-7396 Trang Doan Awareness and Preparedness of Coastal disasters among a Fast-growing Coastal Community in Central Vietnam
SMS17-7399 Zulfadrim Zulfadrim Recognizing and Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into Disaster Early Warning System in Mentawai
SMS17-8200 Kenichi Fujita Evaluation of Human Damage in Tsunami Evacuation Considered the Variance of Walking and Tsunami Run-up Speeds
SMS17-8748 Mohd Hazizan Mohd Hashim Improving Blast Design for Optimum Rock Breakage and Sustainable Operations
SMS17-9219 Vera Sadarviana Horizontal and Vertical Movement Indicate a Slip Surface at Landslide Area Derived by GPS Data Campaign and Visualized by TLS Data

Aging Society Planning, Operation and Management

SMS17-2708 Alvin Joseph Dolores Needs Assessment for Upgrading the Social State of the Community in Sitio Pulot/Bae, Barangay San Antonio, Kalayaan, Laguna, Philippines

Sustainability and Quality of Happiness

SMS17-5871 Christian Cuevas Soil and Crop Suitability Analysis for Sustainable Agricultural Practice in Sitio Pulot/Bae, Barangay San Antonio, Kalayaan, Laguna, Philippines

Entrepreneurship and Regional Revitalization, Starting up Promotion

SMS17-5849 Mika Kawai A Study of the Effective Elements of Digital Business Transformation

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