Internet Journal of Society for Social Management Systems (ISSN 2432-552X)

Vol.10 Issue 1 (December 20, 2016)

Innovative Disaster Mitigation and Management

SMS15-8121 Toshiya Tsukamoto Building Disaster Resilient Community by ICT and Youth Empowerment in Indonesia from the survey of the Mt. Merapi-Introduce New Idea of Wide view Disaster Information Predict System
SMS15-8494 Narith Prok Soil-structure Interaction Analysis Integration in an Advanced Application Tool for Disaster Mitigation

Environmental Planning and Management

SMS15-2619 Kouhei Yoshimura How to Analyze Climate Change Impact and Optimized Dam Operation
SMS15-5121 Hien Ho Thi Thanh Assessing the Capacity of the Public Work Service Infrastructures in Ho Chi Minh City to 2025 in the Context of Migration and Climate Change
SMS15-9986 Kotaro Kawata Evaluation of Subsidy Systems for Energy Retrofit of Existing Dwellings in Japan

Infrastructure Planning and Management

SMS15-3292 Nguyen Luong Hai An investigation of the relationship between project organizational culture and procurement approach of construction project organizations
SMS15-4044 Seiichi Hamada Proposal of Maintenance and Repair Works Focusing on Specialized Contractors
SMS15-5417 Yuji Munehiro The Challenge and the Role of Japanese Civil Engineering Consulting Firm for Infrastructure Development in Developing Countries ~ Based on Mini-Hydropower Projects as Case Studies ~
SMS15-6171 Hiroaki Nishiuchi Revisiting Fundamental Characteristics of Mixed Traffic Flow: Focusing on Interactions between Passenger cars and Motorcycles
SMS15-6550 Sovannsathya Rath An Effective and Efficient Mixing Method for Controlling Initial Air Content with Stability of Entrained Air in Fresh Mortar of Self-Compacting Concrete
SMS15-6835 Shinichi Maeda Inspection system for Road Infrastructure
SMS15-7890 Yoshimitsu Nakajima Development of Post Shear Reinforcing Method “SPIRAL ANCHOR” for Existing Concrete Structures
SMS15-8426 Naoki Kitaura Comprehensive Deterioration Prediction with Panel Unit Data of RC Slabs on Expressway Bridge
SMS15-9605 Kenta Kameshima Development OF Air-enhanced Self-Compacting Concrete

Food and Energy Security

SMS15-6663 Jongdeepaisal Cholapat Transdisciplinary Approach to Regional Planning by Using Renewable Energy Cluster

Methods and Tools in Resilient City and Region

SMS15-9021 Ryosuke Kaneko Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Measurement to Estimate Quantity of Forest Biomass
SMS15-9652 Hiroyuki Ishizaki Multiple Biowaste Recycling Systems linked with Organic/ProbioticAgro-production

Institution and Finance

SMS15-3074 Masato Kawanishi Evaluation of Climate Change Policy Integration to Development: A Case Study in North Sumatra, Indonesia
SMS15-9871 Koji Takahashi Management Strategies for Port Management Corporations

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