Opening address from Prof. Hajime Okamura at SSMS 2012, Taiwan

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Professor Hajime Okamura delivered an opening address by expressing his gratitude toward all the participants who contributed to the 8th international symposium for Social Management Systems. He said the true success of the symposium always depends on the quality of contribution from the participants and it is his most pleasure to have  single-hearted excellent keynote and invited speakers from various field in the eye of social management systems.
As a founder of SSMS, he emphasized the importance of collaboration among academia, government, and private sectors. He said he re-realized SSMS president J.C. Chern is a true role model for the people who pursue ideal social management. He also said he was so impressed by the collaborative works among Taiwan government and NGOs and how well they earned the trust of local people. Their collaborative management systems worked well and tackled the problems caused by typhoon Morakot one after another with the full consideration to aboriginal culture and their lifestyle.
He also spoke his words of appreciation to the chair of local organizing committee Professor Tony C. LIU and Professor Yin-Wen Chan from National Taiwan University and all the staff members involved in preparation for SSMS2012.

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