The 9th International Symposium for Social Management Systems 2013 was held in Sydney

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The 9th International Symposium on Society for Social Management Systems (SSMS 2013) was conducted from December 2nd to 4th, 2013 in Sydney, Australia. The total of one hundred fifteen faculty members and researchers from seven countries from the Asian region participated and explored the science, engineering, medicine and economics and social systems in responding to mega disasters, with the special theme of “Jobs, Lives, and Hearts of our People” .


The 9th SSMS, cosponsored by the Kochi University of Technology and the University of Western Sydney (UWS), were marked by achieving the new horizon of Social Management Systems collaborates with Medical Science and Psychological aspects.

In the opening remark on December 3rd, Prof. J.C. Chen, chair of SSMS, National Taiwan University, the ex-minister without portfolio Taiwan R.O.C. stressed the significance about the disaster management system to understand it both practically and scientifically. He thanked Prof. Arnold Dix, Prof. Beverly Raphael of UWS and Prof. Seigo Nasu of KUT for organizing the committee. Prof. Janice Reid, the Vice-Chancellor of USW also welcomed the participants.


During the invited lecture, Prof. Raphael noted that the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear incident of Fukushima highlight the complexity-multiple and ongoing sources of death, destruction, damage. While the physical damage is obvious, the toll on wellbeing and mental health brings both acute suffering and frequently long-term adaptation.

Prof. Atsushi Tanaka of Tokyo University focused on reevaluation and remedy about warning dissemination and basic idea of disaster management and risk communication regarding the East Japan Great Earthquake.

Following these lectures, Special Session by Prof. Shunji Kusayanagi of KUT and Prof. Kazumasa Ozawa of University of Tokyo took place and five Parallel Sessions about Disaster and Mental Health, Green Sustainability, and Climate and Management were held.

On the second day, the Symposium started with the invited lectures of Prof. Harkunti P. Rahayu of Insitut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and Prof. J.C. Chern. Prof. Rahayu indicated that in many tsunami events, the high amount of the death toll in high –populated cities were due to the lack of two critical factors, i.e. the existence of tsunami warning and the readiness/preparedness of the city toward tsunami events.

Prof. J.C. Chern showed the excellent examples of how the government and private organizations have worked together to promote industrial innovation, transformation, and reconstruction after the Typhoon Morakot disaster in Taiwan.

After these lectures, Panel discussion by Prof. Rafael, Prof. Chern, Prof. Dixie, and Prof, Nasu were conducted across diverse themes. The members shared the idea of the importance of risk management leadership and resilience as well as setting the control tower at the front line during the aftermath of the disaster.



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